Clients work with us for different reasons. Some choose us for our investment knowledge that comes from years of experience and extensive education. Others appreciate our attentiveness to their needs whenever they arise. Here are a few examples of why clients trust us as their wealth management partner, and of the solutions we have developed for them.


 John emanates truthfulness, honesty, and a sincere interest in clients with a nice touch of humour at the appropriate moment. 

Marguerite R.


 We started to work with John in the late '90s when our children were young so many questions arose as we established our relationship. John is always inquisitive, caring, informative and always 'down to earth.' He relates to the family challenges of balancing financial growth/security for the future, along with having available money to also live life today. Myrna and I are grateful for the direction and support John has extended over many years. We would recommend John to anyone who is seeking an excellent advisor. 

Jim & Myrna W.


 As a business owner, I know that relationships drive business and John is in the relationship business, too. Our relationship of 25 years has proven results through planning, budgeting and building confidence. Whether market fluctuations or other times of instability, John has always given counsel in a language that makes sense. As circumstances changed, John was there with a new plan and steadfast direction to continue to help us prosper with peace of mind. John, and his excellent team, have always been there for us. Thank you for your guidance, confidence and your vision for us. 

Todd Y.